Version management

Versions Spudu

We regular update Spudu and in this list it’s possible to see the latest updates. 

Version 1.0 (01-01-2019)

  • Launch of first version Spudu with four modules: Finance, Sales, Projects and Resources

Version 1.5 (01-05-2019)

  • Apps as additional module
  • Expertises list in Resources

Version 2.0 (23-08-2019)

  • New look and feel dashboard
  • New look and feel expenses
  • Appointments are billable 
  • Links European + United States taxes 
  • Api possibilities with Ebay Kleinanzeigen,, WordPress, Wix and Joomla. 

Version 2.2 (in progress)

  • Version number 
  • Adding Information icon which links to this version management page 
  • A checkbox in expenses that the specific expense will not be counted to the total amount
  • A csv export in expenses
  • A sales block on the dashboard of Spudu that can be shown by clicking on the scrolling buttons at the footer. 
  • Replacement of sales with Quarterly finances on the dashboard of Spudu
  • Updated header with revised links under Apps and new order under Finance 
  • In domain names it’s possible that product domain name and product webhosting will be a dropdown of products 

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